A new take on the “Silent Majority”

I haven’t fully digested this yet, but take a look at this white paper from The Democratic Strategist. http://www.thedemocraticstrategist.org/_memos/tds_SM_Levison_WC_Americans.pdf
Some quick initial thoughts:
1. This is very much my gut feeling about the country as a whole, not just white working-class people.
2. I would love to see this kind of analysis for those with college degrees and other racial/ethnic groups. I’m betting that the same patterns show up there as well.
3. If only we could find candidates or a party that is willing to pander to this middle ground instead of the True Believers on either side.
4. I’m probably badly biased, but I think this “one the one hand, but on the other” and “common sense” approach is the smart way to approach important issues. It certainly seems like a better option than the “all-or-nothing” approach I see most clearly in the House Republicans.


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