Of Grass and Federal Budgets

First, some background. My wife is unabashedly liberal. She has spent most of her adult life working for and advocating for the homeless and other of our less fortunate neighbors. She and I recently bought a house. Our area has been going through a drought and water restrictions are in place. We’re on track for one of the hottest and driest years on record, and the reservoirs that supply our water are draining like a bathtub. Inflows into those reservoirs are at record-setting lows.

So, our yard, like most in our area, is having some trouble, but because we have some shade trees, some areas are doing pretty well, while along the edges, we have patches of brown. So I suggested that perhaps it might be a good idea to make some adjustments to our watering schedule, cutting back on the water going to some zones and increasing in areas that are not doing so well. It’s a similar argument to what the Democrats say about taxes: let’s take away from those who are doing really well and then do more for those who are struggling. Or at least, let the wealthy share in the sacrifice that the rest of the yard is making.

One could make a similar argument about food. In the US, our problem is obesity. In Somalia, people are starving do death. Wouldn’t it be great if we could even things out a bit? My liberal wife has expressed sympathy with the above tax argument and I expect she would have similar feelings toward the feast/famine argument.

So, I was surprised by her response to my watering proposal. My wife, the liberal, adopted and applied the Republican Tax Response(TM) to our yard: “I don’t think, in the middle of a drought, that we should be cutting back on any areas of the yard, especially not the areas that are doing well.” She didn’t call my proposal “job-killing” which I was glad of.

And I, unfortunately, emulated the President and said, Okay whatever you want dear. But in my case, it’s only grass. Nobody else’s livelihood is riding on how good my lawn looks or whether the edges die.  At least she didn’t threaten not to pay the water bill.


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