Sunday Morning

It’s really frustrating for me sometimes to listen to conservative pundits on the Sunday morning shows. George Will (on This Week with Christiane Amanpour), who I have mentioned before, for the ‘leventy-eth time today trotted out his argument that the Stimulus has failed and that we should try something different. Never mind that the exact same facts and reasoning apply to the Bush Tax Cuts. No, that would mean increasing taxes on the rich job creators. When we’re in the middle of a recession, the worst thing you can do is discourage the job creators, or so says Will. I’ve talked about that before, too.

And on Meet the Press, a Republican Strategist (whose name I forget but I see him all the time on these shows) pushed one of my buttons by talking about leaving debt to our children. If you aren’t willing to let the Bush Tax Cuts expire, or worse yet, were in favor of them at the time, then don’t talk to me about leaving debt to our children. Because I know you don’t mean it. We have $14.3 trillion in debt right now,  about half of which was racked up in the Bush Administration. We could have paid some of it down, or at least been able to pay for more of Bush’s wars with that surplus we frittered away with the Bush Tax Cuts. So don’t give me this “burdening our children” schtick.


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