The death of Osama bin Laden

Since I heard the news on Sunday night, I’ve been mulling. I was vaguely uncomfortable with the coverage on TV of celebratory crowds forming in front of the White House. Part of why I was uncomfortable was the similarity to pictures I saw in the aftermath of 9-11 of people celebrating our tragedy. I remembered how some of the Internet Conservatives I regularly conversed with reacted to such pictures (badly, as you might imagine…and for good reason). So, I’ve been mulling how to put that discomfort into words. Fortunately for me, I don’t have to. Jim Wallis, CEO of Sojourners, has this blog post on their website. I really have very little to add. I can’t say I’m sad bin Laden is dead, not just because it would be socially unacceptable but also because it would be a bald-faced lie. I will say that I’m sorry it had to come to this, even though the responsibility for that lies as much with bin Laden himself as anybody. I will not congratulate anyone; not the President and certainly not Bush. I can praise the Navy Seal team on a well-executed operation, but I cannot congratulate them. I pray for the day when we can finally put this whole mess behind us.


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